The Sound is Fine EP

by The Sound is Fine

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scot moriarty
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scot moriarty this band rules. they are fucking great live and this recording is superb. to me there's some great pop stuff going on here, but it's also very heavy and fuzzy which i fucking love. all around you should get this because the songs are great AND the production is truly top notch. Favorite track: Another Kicked Pupil.
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released February 7, 2014

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Skylar Ross Adler
Produced by The Sound is Fine
Drums Recorded by Jeremy Cimino
Violin on Track 2 by Tory Daines of Those Mockingbirds
Trumpet on Track 6 by Chris Hirsch
Album Design by Adam Abada



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The Sound is Fine New Jersey

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Track Name: Big Dream Kid
It started off with a bang
Cut-out from the fold and regenerate
Here's a tip to your fame
Talk out of turn and reiterate
It's hard to be cool
Hell, the rehab pays for it anyway
Just tuck yourself in
Get tighter, and tighter, and tighter until your head splits.

You got that look about you, kid.
You got that look in your eye.
You've got a big dream, don't you?
Well, it comes with a price.

Now there you go losing momentum
Bare gums from grinding teeth
You need a plan of action, or
You want ma to hold your hand? God Damn.

You're getting eaten alive, kid.
I know because you taste good.
Still got that big dream, don't you?
Well, not anymore.

Twenty-five and I can't seem to try
Twenty-five and I can see myself come undone
Twenty-six and I am digging deeper
Twenty-six but I'd rather just kill my health again

And we're back to the start
And you're one big star, kid.
How does it make you feel?
How do you really feel?

I'm a big dream kid.
Track Name: Wrong Time to Look Good
Blew a hole in my nose on the way to the show
I keep motoring on, crashing by default
And those capital punks with their big takeovers
The patient talk while the hungry kill
And if I want to chug gas like it's made of poison
Just let me go because I'm dying of thirst
But, if I seem like I'm weak, fuck you.

You tell me love is an execution
Well, I'm lucky I got two heads of my own
And if I scribble down thoughts to try and make it a song
But stream of conscious; no sense at all.
And it feels like faking every step of the way
When the artist creates while the genius steal
But, if I feel like a fool, fuck me
Yet, if I seem like I'm weak, fuck you

Feels like a bomb you set off
I don't need your friends
I don't like it, you keep it away
Settle down, my friend, I don't need you, man
I don't like it, you keep it away.
I'll see you today.

You get lost then found you gave your whole life story
Like it'll change my mind, waste of time.
You got a cool style, cutting edge, hip to the scene
And you plead to me like it'll change my mind, waste of time.
Track Name: Another Kicked Pupil
Bumming me a drag, I say to you
Keep it to yourself, it's not the time
Choking on her tongue, she replies
I like my baby clean.
Track Name: Blackout!
I can finally breath through my nose
I make myself a PB&J
I dress myself in working clothes
I'm ready for philospohy

What's going on? A blackout?
I'm relying on memory
When is North equal to South?
Track Name: Rapture in Queens
Trailing behind the issues at hand
I only talk about what I can
If I catch that guy in the race
I cannot put a name to a face
What I choose you know that it's real
I'm spending everything I can steal
Hope to find my one true friend
Because I need you to take the fall for me.

Honesty is skewed
Just stick to the story and you'll see
Why this needs to be.
I'll see you in hell.

I'm done falling in love
Though I never really tried
I've got plenty of people to call on me.

I'll see you in hell. The only place I know so well.
Track Name: Running in Squares
Lost, can we agree that we are
Any thoughts for those who care
Are there any at all?

A crutch, for those who've ceased and fallen
I stand here bent and broken
Running in squares.

Quick, to think but not to answer
I'll tell you when I falter
If you keep it a secret.

Faith, clings to me like water
Cleanse me of my power
I am the error.